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Fénix de Luna Detox
DETOX REjuvination juicing


Vegan Chef & Intuitive Nutritional Counselor

"My passion as a vegan chef is to inspire a change in food consciousness through the pallet by showing people they can enjoy loving, nurturing and healing themselves through proper nutrition and the conscious eating of fresh healthy food combined is a harmonious and delicious way.

My mission as an intuitive healer and teacher is to educate and support people who's desire it is to cleanse, heal and revitalize their bodies and their energy. It is to share my knowledge and give all the tools at my disposal to help them take charge of their life and empower them to face and reverse debilitating health issues such as chronic-degenerative diseases in a proactive, healthy and safe way.

The foundation of my work comes from the teachings and insights of Medical Medium, Anthony William. I teach people to safely apply his techniques and integrate them into their life.


My career
• Certified Vegan Chef .

• Nutritional Sciences or Trofology

• Yoga Instructor by Woga Works, L.A.

• Instructor of Naam Yoga Therapies (Level 1, 2)

• Harmonyum Healing (Level 1, 2, 3 and Advanced)

• ThetaHealing & Intuitive Anatomy Practioner

• Studies and application of the teachings of Anthony William, Medical Medium

Fénix de Luna - Cristina
Fénix de Luna Detox

The program is based on the science of nutrition or Trofology,

one of Cristina's specialties which consists of 4-5 natural juice combinations every day prepared with fresh, organic * and local produce formulated to purify the blood and boost your immune system. Fruits and salads complement the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After a 3 to 5 day detoxification process the blood system becomes purer and every cell of the body begins to be nourish. To experience the full benefits of this program  a seven day rejuvenation program is recommended. For those who  cannot invest so much time, we also offer a 2 day introduction to to juicing and nutrition is offered..

Extended programs of more then 7 days (21 day maximum) are available for those who have completed the 2 day introduction or the 7 day detox , write to Cristina directly to discuss this option. 


Daily yoga and meditation classes, talks about conscious eating. food consciousness, nutritional awareness, super-foods and macrobiotics, an introduction to yogic cleansing and breathing practices will help you to develop and maintain a wholesome and holistic lifestyle. 

* organic seasonal fruit used when available


The Benefits of yoga cleansing and detoxification:
Greater vitality and more constant energy
Better digestion and absorption of nutrients
Better elimination and intestinal health
Improvement of fertility (men and women)
Relief of chronic skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
Hormonal balance: to help relieve premenstrual syndrome
Balances blood sugar and mood swings
Improved weight loss and metabolic function
Improves the immune system
Greater emotional / mental well-being and happiness
A sense of spiritual development
Experience a life free of pain and illness

Healing sessions can be arranged at an additional cost.
Harmonyum, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Aguahara treatments, Temazcal, acupuncture and Kambó 


In order to facilitate the purification process, we recommend cutting all sources of caffeine, tobacco, meat and sugar at least one week before beginning the retreat.

~ The program includes ~

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